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A new concept of Photos Album… on the wall!

The new way to enjoy the beautiful moments and touching share memories

When I gave birth to my daughter, one of the gifts I got was a baby development diary – an album-like book, designed for tracking the baby’s first year, where parents can document their baby’s development using texts, pictures and memories.

As with most people, our book was placed on the bookshelf, alongside all the other albums, accumulating dust and hidden away.

I remember one day, as I was filling in a memory, I began imagining how wonderful it would be if all these memories will be spread before me all the time and I could observe my daughter’s development over time and not just every once in a while, when I get the chance to take the album off the shelf.

And this is where the idea to create an on-the-wall timeline came from. A dynamic timeline that can change and adapt as the child grows and develops, with magnet frames ready for receiving and changing the child’s printed photos and space for writing down positive and moving shared family memories.

Over time we developed timelines for older children as well, which are designed in such a way that the children themselves can create their own personal timelines – albums, and write the feelings and emotions they identify in each of the photos.

The photos as an element which conjures up memory and emotions and strengthens our child’s sense of self, are an effective way to provide our children with the sense of stability and belonging they need in order to feel strong and empowered.

You’re welcome to take a look at the variety of Albums designs we have.

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