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Why is it so important to design children’s environment correctly?

Kids’ environment design is so important, especially in the first 2000 days of their lives (age 0 to 6).

So much has been said about children’s formative years and developmental stages, about when babies are supposed to turn from their stomach to their backs and their backs to their stomach, when they’re supposed to reach out to grab a toy and when they’re supposed to make their first step.

So much has also been said about organizing and designing and you baby’s room and all the furniture and equipment needed to make sure everything is ready for them.

But … what about combining the two? What about combining the child’s development to the environment in which they are going to grow up in and develop? Have you heard enough about that?

In the same way we are concerned about the child’s environment throughout the pregnancy – we try to provide it with a safe, protective environment, make sure it has everything it needs to develop properly, so it is important that we continue to do so later on, in the direct environment in which the child is going to grow up and develop in as soon as it is born.

You must be asking yourselves – but why, actually, is it so important to develop the child’s environment? Children grow up regardless, and everything is fine. So here are a few facts you should know:

Brain development is particularly accelerated during the child’s formative years and is highly affected by environmental factors.

It is clinically proven that the child’s first 2000 days (from birth till the age of 6) are the most meaningful in a child’s life. The reason being is at 80% of cognitive functions are fixed by the age of 3, whereas between the age of 5-6 brain development is particularly accelerated, as the brain reaches 90% of its full capacity (90% !!!! This is a a very significant factor! it means that the child’s ability to absorb information is at an all-time peak). All of the child’s abilities and talents are formed and based during that period of time.

In other words, a child’s first six years (age 0-6) are a one-off window of opportunities – the most critical and important in a child’s life. If we will be active in providing them with the right type of environment and tools, we will be able to significantly advance and improve their development. Since design massively impacts any space, it works as a strong developmental element.

The environment we create for our children becomes a part of who they are. It affects every aspect of their lives; physiological, psychological, psycho-motoric, and cognitive.

Cognitive development is directly related to the child’s motoric development, physical and mental well-being, which of course also connect with their emotional development. Children absorb all of these things from the direct environment which surrounds them.

So, before you run off to buy a new crib, baby dresser or a beautiful night lamp, stop for one moment and look at how you could design your child’s environment in a way that will respect them and help their development (and of course be beautiful and pleasant, because that’s no less important).

I invite you to create your spaces from a place of awareness, that will suit the true needs of your little ones as well as respect them and follow them at every stage of their development.

“Designing a child’s environment is designing their future”.

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