WallyTale was created by two women-mothers-designers that love kids

We strongly believe in the power of children’s imagination and its ability to empower them and advance their development.
WallyTale is designed to allow children to tell their own tales.

Shimrit Florsheim

Founder / Architect and Interior Designer

We believe in environment that activate kids and offer added value to their development

Just like in fairy tales, it all began with a dream… a dream turned reality thanks to a solid vision and hours of hard work, determination and full faith it would one day come true.
Because when two moms who love children, share a passion for design and a wish to create a better environment for children meet, magical things truly happen.
This is how WallyTale was born – the first interactive magnetic wall sticker who gets children playing with their… walls!
Wall-play isn’t just a passing trend, but a holistic notion according to which the way we design our environment has an enormous impact on us, and even more so on our children.
WallyTale, just as the name suggests – is an interactive magnetic wall sticker that both changes and adds to the room’s design, as well as lets children tell their tale as they stand upright, move around and play freely.

We develop a convenient and beautiful design

As mothers, and particularly as designers, we have seen so many beautiful designs for children’s bedrooms; gorgeous wall stickers and wallpapers, that truly flatter and upgrade the room’s design and appearance. But, one day, as we sat in the beautifully designed ‘princess’s room (just like in the fairy tales, remember?), as the purple light filtered in, we thought to ourselves, what if the way we design the walls could give children not only a beautiful environment, but also an experiential one? One that will allow them to act, play and give an added value to their development, as opposed to simply being passive onlookers? In that moment we understood we can offer a new approach to how we perceive design for children; how we perceive its role. We can offer a whole new and enriching experience for our children. The development of the product was accompanied by a thorough research into the world of child development and game-playing. The research period encompassed long conversations with child development specialists, educators, speech therapists, kindergarten teachers, and even early brain development specialists.
It was done in the spirit of teamwork, positivity, and a strong focus on quality, the result of which you see in front of you.

Polina Elharar

Founder / Graphic Designer and Art Director

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” – Albert Einstein

Imagination has a key role in encouraging children’s development. The design of the child environment can open avenues that encourage play, and the use of imagination.  Many education disciplines single out children’s environment as  a prominent developmental element, and it’s not by mere chance that some of these pedagogies were given visual, design-based expression.One of the more well-known ones are the Montessori approach, but there are others too, such as Waldorf, Piaget, Anthroposophy, Pikler, Riggio Emilia, Gardner and others.

Walls are an important resource available in every kids room, and is usually underutilized, if we use them right, we could offer children new qualities, enrich their world, and create a better and healthier environment for them, one that will offer an added value to their development.

In WallyTale we design meaningful walls, walls that are fun to play on, walls that encourage interaction, body movement, and invite children to become who they want to be as they fly on the wings of their imagination.